Monthly Subscription Boxes
Personalized Subscription Boxes delivered to your door every month without the hassle of shopping!


What kind of goodies can I expect?

Each of our exclusive Monthly Subscription Boxes are created with high-quality items personalized just for you!

  • T-Shirt Box: Includes one comfy t-shirt with a trendy design priced at $16 (value of $22).
  • Monogram Box: Love a box of fun goodies? Our Monogram Box arrives with 3-5 hand-picked trendy items, including at least one item monogrammed priced at $45 (value of $60-$80).
  • Monogram Box + T-shirt Box: Want even more? Get both of our awesome Subscription Boxes together for one outstanding price of $55 (value of $80-$100).  

What's our theme for future Subscription Boxes?

  • September - Home Decor
  • October - Thankful Fall
  • November - Christmas
  • December - Holiday Hangover

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    0 products